M & A

Mergers & Acquisition - merger of businesses and corporate takeovers is a consultancy subject that often includes cross-border situations. The purchase of companies involves complex legal issues that go far beyond property law, warranty, commitments, account warranties, tax law, commercial law, labor law as well as patent and copyright law. From the beginning the negotiation strategy must be thought through. The project support must be able to respond to changes. In case public listed companies are involved, the complexity of the legal issues increases even further. Economical and commercial thinking is just as necessary as profound analyses of the tax consequences of the financing; all key issues for a successful implementation of the transaction and the continued operation.

Selected reference cases:

  • draft and implementation of due diligence audits for:
    • real estate transactions,
    • hotels,
    • research and development companies,
    • industrial facilities,
    • manufacturing companies.
  • negotiation of acquisition agreements (share deal, asset deal), also according to international standards,
  • analysis of various single legal aspects,
  • compensation procedures due to accounts warranty,
  • consequences of Trade Union agreements,
  • liability, liability reductions and retentions,
  • syndicated loan agreements and financing contracts,
  • prospectus liability,
  • disclosure/publication requirements,
  • takeover Law,
  • counselling on investment protection.