to the website of the law firm Kilches. My associates and I work every day on individual solutions for our clients. Each client has different concerns, every case has important details. Great attention in the assessment of the legal issues is our professional self-conception.

The website of the firm should give you a first insight into our activities and services. Under the menu point "Work areas" all areas of our expertise are shown in our view, in which we work or have worked in the past, this in addition to the real specialisations of our office, comprehensive legal advising should also take into account the specific aspects of the industries. Under the submenu "Industries" in the menu point "Work areas" the relevant information can be found. The relevant information is accessible in the submenu point "Industries" in the menu point "Work areas".

In addition to traditional legal advising in matters of commercial law we are regularly charged with representation before national courts and authorities. The conduct of proceedings through the instances in civil law matters as well as in administrative and constitutional law matters is part of our daily work. The menu point "Litigation" contains further information on the conduct of proceedings and also gives insight into our services before international arbitral tribunals.

A newsletter, which we call "Legal Post", informs periodically on selected legal news in the areas of our expertise. If you are interested, please sign up to it. In the section "Publications" we give an overview on the publications written by our lawyers.

The international focus of the firm is done within a network of contacts to other law firms we work with.

We will gladly answer to your questions, if we may assist you with a specific concern, a specific legal issue or with the representation in legal proceedings. Use our contact form or send us a fax. Within the working hours you can contact us directly.

R. Kilches



IDRA Business and Law Roundtable Series 2018


Brokerage contract in distance selling

If a real estate broker submits an exposé to a prospective buyer with a clear demand for a commission fee, this is deemed as an offer for the conclusion of a brokerage contract. More


Share buyback as a business transaction

If the buyback of own shares by the AG is at least partially in its own operational interest, then the subsequent reissue of these shares by sale is a taxable transaction. More


Advertising with a five year guarantee

Advertising with a 5-year guarantee in an online shop or on an online trading platform without specification of the guarantee conditions is a violation of competition law. More

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