The need for legal advising arises at the conclusion of the construction agreement as well as at the conclusion of a contract with an architect. In the course of the execution of construction works changes as well as problems and errors may occur and several companies may be involved.

We give advice: building principals/developers (awarding authority/tendering body), architects, civil engineers, suppliers, construction companies, subcontractors.

We also handle and represent in matters of real estate law and public building law (varies depending on the federal states).

To large-scale projects extensive contractual framework agreements and a broad set of regulations (eg according to FIDIC - International Federation of Consulting Engineers) exist, which apply. 

Selected reference cases:

  • model contracts for a company dealing with modular houses,
  • disputes arising from additional orders, additional costs (on the side of customers as well as business companies),
  • warranty disputes (eg underground railway construction, road construction, building construction, metalwork, fault in construction, duty of clarification and obligation to warn),
  • disturbance of tenants by construction works,
  • fees demanded by architects,
  • liability of architect and local construction supervision,
  • questions on interpretation of contractual set of regulations (eg City of Vienna ),
  • legal issues on financial retentions,
  • price adjustment clauses,
  • penalty clauses,
  • liability between involved construction firms.