Commodities are traded according to standard contracts at commodity futures exchanges, which have their own practices the market participants have to comply with. These practices are used as standards for OTC trading or it is made reference to them directly in the contracts.

Commodities are divided into

  1. agricultural commodities (grain, meat, fish, oils),
  2. products of agricultural production (wood, rubber, cotton, industrial fruit, medical plants, rape seed) and
  3. industrial commodities (energy commodities, chemical commodities, metal commodities, construction and ceramic commodities).

Selected reference cases:

  • advising on the drafting of standard contracts,
  • advising on the drafting of general terms and conditions,
  • assessment of legal implications for operational problems,
  • conduct of proceedings before arbitral courts of commodity exchanges, institutional arbitral court and state courts for different commodities (including ores, grain, feed and others).